Saturday, 15 June 2013

Nail Wrap love for 50p

I have a confession to make. As embarrassing as it may be, I am a nail wrap virgin. I know, I know, but I was so sceptical about a nail sticker I shied away. That was up until my trip to oxford (yes, yes I go there a lot!) where I picked up these little beauties for 50p! I know, just 50p is a steal and as they were only a £1 originally  I really wish I had bought more as they were reduced. Plus this highlighter colour is so on trend, how can you go wrong!?

My first attempt!: Success I feel!

Anyway, if like me you haven't tried these wraps before, then quick! Jump on this bandwagon, because it is so easy to do. With the Primark ones you just have to choose the size you want for your nail, and trim if needed. Then warm up the wrap I just did it between my fingers, a bit like wax trips, place on your nail and trim off with a nail file. If you're nervous I would look up a nail tutorial on youtube, like I did!

Top Tip:
After placing the wrap on your nail, use a hair dryer over it for a few seconds then smooth, it helps remove any annoying air bubbles!


  1. Wow these aren't bad at all! I love the colour.

  2. Gorgeous Lauren!!

    Emily xxx