Saturday, 22 June 2013

Witch Blemish stick: It's Magic*

I came home to a small package today which confused me, as I don't remember ordering anything. When I opened it there was a little Witch blemish stick* inside, that Witch very kindly sent me after applying to be one of their Flawless Friend and not getting through. I thought it was really sweet of them to be honest, and I am so glad they did.

Tonight I am off to my friend Alice's 21st and so excited, but I did wake up with some spots and have been trying to avoid that before the party. The Blemish stick says that it gets to work instantly, and also fights bacteria that causes spots, but I am always sceptical that something is going to work straight away, but OMG it actually does. Within 10 minutes my spots were less red and less angry.

It says to dob on as often as required when blemishes first appear, and is great for all types but especially oily/combination skin, which is perfect for me.

The small 10g tube contains a turquoise balm that you just dab onto the effected area and let it do it's magic. It does dry a little strangely in that it goes whitish in areas, so I would advise doing this before bed and early in the morning so you can lightly wipe of the white after.

All in all I am so greatful to which for sending me this product, as it actually is magic and has saved me for the party tonight!

*Product sent to me


  1. I swear by this product, it's so good at clearing up spots and blemishes :) xx

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