Monday, 17 June 2013

Prada Candy Je t'adore

I am not much of a perfume collector. I tend to find a couple that I love and stick to them. And Prada Candy's eau de parfum is one that made the cut, and is definitely a front runner as my favourite.

My bottle is 50 ml, and came from My bestest friend Jo for my birthday in december. To be fair I have only just started to run out so 6 months isn't too bad, and it came in a wonderful gift box with a body lotion, so what is not to love?

It came out in 2011, and you may have noticed the new Prada Candy L'eau being advertised, which I cannot wait to review. However for the moment I am more than happy with my Candy. It has a wonderful sweet and feminine scent, that I love, with warm caramel and vanilla undertones.

I find it very spring/summery and it always makes me feel like it's summer even though at the moment it clearly isn't!

It retails for anything £39 for a 30ml bottle to £55 for a 50ml bottle, and has a gorgeous scented body lotion available to match!

Have you tried Prada Candy?

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  1. Looks just lovely! There is something just so wonderfully glamorous about prada…
    Carrie:Brighton xx