Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lush's Angels on Bare Skin

I have recently become a huge fan of Lush and their all natural products. Every time I walk past one of their stores I am drawn in by the 'Lush smell,' (you all know what I am talking about!) So here is another of their products I have tried.

Lush's Angels on Bare Skin

 The original product is almost like a bitty clay. It claims to reduce redness and even out the appearance of skin tone. It is a wonderful all natural product with almonds and lavender oil, as well as gorgeous violet lavender flowers ground up in the product.

To use:
1. Pinch a small amount as shown above 
2. Add a bit of water
3. Rub in the water to form a thin paste
4. Apply to your face

On application it is a thin layer of paste, which smells divine, and resembles an oatmeal treatment. 

Retailing at: £6.25 per 100g
Available here : Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Are you a fan of Lush?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Barry M Bright Purple

Despite my looming exam tomorrow, I felt the need to post a new blog post today, after my lack of interaction this week. So here we go a gorgeous

Barry M- Bright Purple

This vibrant Barry M colour, is just one of many in the range. I got this one from the gorgeous +Claire Rebecca last year on her trip to visit me in Turin on my year abroad. 

The Barry M collection is one to which I have become a huge fan. Retailing at £2.99 how can you go wrong? I have a wide collection of about 20 now, and my new favourite is the gorgeous gelly nails paint.

Are you a fan of the Barry M range?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Gorgeous Grecian Hair

So one of my most important exams this year is coming up this week so I will be a bit awol  for a few days, however after the lovely Hannah did this gorgeous plait in my hair I couldn't help put leave a little post today:

Gorgeous Grecian Plait

It is the perfect hair style for summer, and the perfect hair for me at the moment to keep my fluffy hair out of my eyes. It is best to attempt this when your curls are wet, but Hannah said it is so much easier with curly hair than straight! BONUS for us girls with curls.

I think it looks elegant and sophisticated and makes me want to go out and show it off. However I am stuck in doors.

Do you love it as much as I do? Video tutorial hopefully to come soon!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Garnier Moisture Match..Have you tried it?

For the last week I have been trying the new hype in moisturiser 

Garnier Moisture Match

So everyone has been trying out their little samples, so when my friend Agata gave me one I was more than happy to try it out.
I have been trying the for Dull Skin sample, which has lasted me about 4 days. I think I have been putting a little more than recommended on oops! However I can't help it, it smells so fresh and creamy and has really given my skin that added little glow.

It comes out as a clear gel, and applies smoothly leaving my skin feeling moisturised and ready for the day. I also have a oily/combination sample at home which I will review as soon as I finish uni!

Available moisturisers include:

Wake me up: Dull skin
Protect and Glow: Normal skin
Start Afresh: Normal to dry skin
Goodbye dry: Dry to very dry skin
Shine be gone: Combination to oily skin (review to come soon!)

Retailing at around the £5 mark how can you go wrong.

If you haven't tried it and would like a sample click here to go to the moisture match page! Or even to just have a quick look at the different ones available! Their website is fun and colourful and worth a read!

Have you tried the Moisture Match samples? What do you think?

Friday, 17 May 2013

Marble nails

As you all have probably realised I love doing my nails and recently I have seen videos about marble nails! So here is my take on

Marble nails

Unfortunately loads online are really messy and involve dipping your fingers in varnish. I found a different way and all you need is (although mine got a little messy oops!)

1. Your favourite colour varnish
2. A white varnish 
3. A cocktail Stick

All you have to do follow these steps:

1.allow one drop of paint to fall from your brush onto you nail
2.repeat the step with white 
3.use the cocktail stick to mix the two together 

And Voila!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Nail strengthening

As you might have noticed, I love doing my nails. It is a great way to put a smile on your face and a little spring in your step, and spring is the perfect time with all the pastels available and bright colours.

However, constantly painting and stripping your nails can leave them weak, and I was greatful when one of my readers asked me for advice on strengthening her nails, as it is the perfect opportunity to review two products I have been using to strengthen my own.

N.7 Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Care 
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails with Nylon

If it's just strengthening you want to do then apply 2/3 layers of Sally Hansen's hard as nails to your nails, allowing each coat to dry before the next. It's a great strengthener which helps strengthen and grow nails, and I saw results within 1-2 weeks. I know it is frustrating, but these things unfortunately take time. My advice would be to apply the coat and what you will see is it shrinks on the nail. Once it has shrunk remove with nail varnish remover and start again! It will build the strength of your nails up. It is available here for £4.75! Bargain, plus it lasts ages, I have had mine over 4 months and there is still loads!
If you want to spend more, OPI also do a great Nail envy strengthener that salons rave about, however I think this does a great job too!

Flaky Nails
I suffered from quite flaky nails after I had gel nails done, as much as I loved them, make sure you find someone you trust to take them off, as the lady I had rushed it and left my nails in a mess. If you have flaky nails, make sure to regularly cut your nails down, and file them. It is a long process but finally my nails are nearly back to normal!

Nail and Cuticle care
As well as using this hardener, it is important not to neglect your cuticles, which is why I suggest N.7's Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Care. Unfortunately this is no longer available in shops as N.7 did this line a few years ago however you can still find it available for £3-£4 online, and believe you me it is worth it. Add a small amount to your cuticle and massage over the whole nail. It leaves your nails smooth and shiny.

Biting Nails
If you want to stop biting your nails my advice is to use the strengthener, as it tastes revolting, or to paint your nails with a nice colour, as it will stop you wanting to bite them, and ruin your colour. Nails always grow best on holiday when you are relaxed and not stressed, so have a break!

I hope this helps Lou! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Youtube Vlogging

Hi Girls, so a few days ago I was asked by one of my readers to post a video on how to use a diffuser to dry your girls, and I was delighted at the request. However I know there are a lot of youtube channels out there on beauty products and hair care so wanted to ask :

What would you like to see on my Youtube channel?

The first person I started following on Youtube was Miss Jen Fabulous, and her nail art and tutorials are great. She is really charasmatic and friendly and her tutorials are easy to follow. Check her out here at

As it is exam period I won't be able to upload that much until the end of June, but wanted to get some input from my readers as what you guys would like to see? I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions and will reply to any comments and ideas submitted!

Thanks girls x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chiffon Sleeve Blazer

Today I visited my best friend Jo at her office, and automatically fell in love her new blazer. I immediately forced it off of her for me to try on and despite trying to walk out the door with it she caught me! So I found it online my self:
Select's Chiffon Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer*
Now normally I am not select's biggest fan. I can be a bit of a brand snob, but sometimes you find that little gem and I believe this is it.
At only £15 in the sale available here, this blazer is a steal! But as it is a sale item grab it quick. Jo bought it to accompany some of her lush new dresses for wedding receptions she has coming up, but I think it can also be put over a simple top and jeans to give it a little edge! It is a boyfriend fit blazer so it doesn't do up, and with a cute top it shows it off well. Its stylish and sophisticated whilst being a bit different.
What do you think girls?
*Not my own item

Monday, 13 May 2013

Diffuser Dilemma

If you're anything like me, it's important to try and work with my curls and not against them. Lots of people used to suggest using a diffuser on the end of my hairdryer to do this, and quickly dry my hair. However using a diffusing adds air into the curl and can leave them frizzy!

To Diffuse or not to Diffuse that is the question?!

My tip:
Leave your curls to dry naturally

If you don't have time or are supersticious and don't like going out with wet hair, then use a diffuser by all means, but just add additional time into your drying time to style properly. If your hairdryer doesn't com with a diffuser and you want one check out here or just type it in online. They are between £3 and £15 and are better than just drying your hair with a normal hairdryer.

I'll have a few hair products coming soon to help style curls after or before drying. Keep your eyes open girls!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

You shall go to the ball

Last night was my uni's language ball so me and a group of my friends decided  to go! Who turns down the opportunity to dress up! 

I went in a dress from river island (past collection) but wanted to post about my accessories. 

I wanted to keep it simple, so I chose a cute clutch and a chunky necklace from accessorize! 

The necklace was a bargain for accessorize at £8.50 available here and I love it with it's cute braiding and metallic spring centre it's perfect to jazz up a plain black top(of which I have many.) If you're a bit of a brighter person it is also available in red, navy and cream! I teamed my dress with a simple black and gold detailed clutch from warehouse that I bought the same day:/ oops on timing! It was £24 but students get a 10 %discount!  That's why we all came to uni really! Find the clutch here !

All the girls looked lovely and everyone's accessories were so cute, but my friend Emma's bag intrigued me the most. It's a warm mink colour, perfect for any outfit, and it has a detachable purse inset which I thought was genius! Definitely my next purchase!

My nails were my favourite part and I'll do a how to soon!

Have you got any balls coming up? Try river island, lipsy, miss selfridge and little mistress for a great range of dresses! 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Redken Iron Silk/Iron Shape

Everyone who straightens their hair should use something for protection. I personally have tried a range of products but this is definately my favourite

Redken iron silk 07

I started reviewing Redken yesterday and I really believe in it! This ultra straightening spray has medium control which helps fight frizz and protect those curls. It comes in this great pink spray bottle and has a lovely salon smell.

1.Spray 10-15cm from dry hair
2.Use straighteners directly after use
3.No need for any other products

It's retail price is around £15 but you can get it on look here for £12.24. It is so worth it as I have had mine for about 2 years, hence the new packaging they have got.

They have changed the formula slightly to Redken Iron Shape 11, but I have tried that too and it's just their new formula. Redken have changed their packaging recently to appeal to a younger market and I have to say it's great!

Are you going to try Redken?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Mustard Blazer

I haven't done a fashion post before today, but after I wore this gorgeous mustard blazer from Next's Summer 2012 collection, and as I got lots of compliments I thought I would. As you may or may not know I work there on my uni holidays and love it. It's a great brand, of stylish fashion that is comfortable and affordable. (yes, yes as you can tell I love Next!)

I got so many compliments and girls asking me wear to get it I thought I would try and hunt down a similar. Mustard is a colour loads of girls steer clear of but I love it, and if your tanned, or have brunette hair, its a great compliment to you! Plus with it's waterfall detail its smart whilst remaining casual and can be dressed up for a night out with a gorgeous LBD or down with a vest top and jeans. After hunting I eventually stumbled across this jacket on amazon here. Originally when I wrote this post it was available of FD avenue, but has sold out already! However this one which is quite similar with the waterfall detail and stunning mustard colour,  is a mere £9.99.

Photo Credit

If mustard isnt your colour it is also available in black, purple and grey!

I'd grab it quick girls, because at that prize, they won't be around for long!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Redken UV Rescue

Summer has finally made an appearance and making sure your curls are protected is really important. My top tip is to start off with 

Redken UV Rescue Shampoo
Redken is an american brand that I can't rate enough. The salon I go uses it and I have never thought about changing, from the silky hair colourings to their styling range. 

UV Rescue, is an after Sun shampoo, but I use it before I go out too, and comes out in a creamy silky texture. All you need is a small amount, as it lathers really well, and massage into your hair. Team it with the conditioner and your ready to go. My bottle lasts anything from 3-6 months, normally 3 when I am using it a lot in summer. Although it is a touch on the expensive side averaging at £10.99 a bottle it is a great investment. Plus its great to switch shampoos so your hair doesn't get too used to one, so keep buying your regular shampoo too! Redken is available at salons, but my advice is ebay or online , as it is one of their older ranges, but is still perfect for protecting your hair!

This is a great shampoo for curly hair, as we need that extra protection from the suns strong rays making our hair frizzy, but can be used for any hair type really. 

I've ordered some of Redken's new Curvaceous range for Curly hair recently so watch this space for advice for girls with curls coming soon!

Have you tried any redken products?

Dino Nails x2

You might have read my post over the weekend on dino nails,(available here), a plain coat of varnish with cute dots that I feel look quite dinosaury. So I thought I would try a few other colours on top of my violet varnish. What one's do you like?
It's fun and easy to do with a steady hand, and is a great way to spend a relaxing evening after all this revision. You can do it with any colour so get painting!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ombre Nails

Morning girls! So I have been up bright and early doing my nails, (yet again) and after my success with Rainbow Ombre nails yesterday I thought I would try just regular ombre nails:

The technique is just the same as my review on rainbow ombre nails found here, using cellotape to keep nice and tidy, but this time the base coat is the lightest of your shades of varnish. Online suggests using three different shades but I personally used:


1.Top shop Celestial varnish
2.Catrice cosmetics 410 Pool Party at night

1.Kiko Milans Mint Milk
2. Catrice cosmetics 340 Run forest run!

Top Tips
1. I didn't have a third shade as most youtube videos suggest, so blend your own using a white and the edge of a piece of paper it works a treat!
2.Borrow friends nail varnishes, not everyone is going to have 3 shades of the colour you want!
3. Keep trying it takes a few attempts to get the hang of it

How did you get on?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Rainbow Ombre Nails

After receiving a message from my friend Lou suggesting Ombre nails, I did some youtube research and found several tutorials by just writing ombre nails. 

What you need:
1. Several of your favourite nail varnish's 

2. A base colour, white, or nude
3. Beauty sponges ( I bought 4 for £1.75 available here : Boots Sponges
4. Cellotape

How to get this effect:
1. Start off my Cello-taping around your nails to keep the edges neat and tidy
2. Apply a base colour and let it dry, 2 coats is best

3. Get one of your beauty sponges and cut it just bigger than the shape of your  nail
4.Loosen your nail varnish pots and apply strips in the order you want on your nail

5. Roll over your nails for the ombre effect
6. Repeat twice if you're brave.
7.Apply a top coat when it is dry


Now don't worry it took me a lot of this afternoon to get this and I still have some perfecting to do but it is a fun nail art effect to do whilst watching your favourite programme or whilst enjoying the sun!

How did you get on?

Peel of Masques

After a really great bbloggers chat last night, I had a few questions about face masks, so I wanted to review 2 that I have tried recently, especially for Shan.

Montagne Jeunesse Peel off Masques

From the fun, colourful packaging you are sure to recognise them, as they are available everywhere normally retailing for £1. With a large range available I wanted to try the peel off ones as they suggest less mess, and are perfect for a girl on the go.

1. Anti stress Peel off Masque
This mask is perfect for girls with sensitive skin. It's a light green gel with calming evening primrose much like Lush's Mask of Magnaminty, but this is especially to leave you feeling refreshed and less stressed. Leave for 15 minutes them simply peel off. 

Personally I love this one, its easy to do, and is perfect if you dont want to get messy with the masks. It leaves my skin feeling tighter and fresher, and after a good cleanse I feel fighting fit!

1.If you have super sensitive skin, test a tiny bit on your arm first, to see if it is ok!

2. Use a cleanser or toner afterwards like No7 Beautiful skin cleanser, to remove residue mask. You'll be surprised!

2. Deep Cleansing Peel off Masque

This mask is one I would stay away from if you have sensitive skin girls, as it made me cry. It definately is deep cleansing, and smells amazing, but gosh is it strong. As with the other one leave for 15 minutes and simply peel off, but I would stay away unless you're feeling brave!

Hope that helped Shan! Any other face masks I should try girls?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dino Nails

Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation, so today I have been pampering myself inbetween revision with 

Topshop Nails: Celestial & Kiko Nail lacquer Mint Milk

I started with 2 coats of Celestial 203 Blue from Top shop. Now, normally I am really anti shops starting beauty ranges, however this top shop blue nail varnish has cute packaging with the dotty handle, and the colour is flawless on application. New found love @ £5.00 available here : Celestial Nail Varnish

I then used Kiko Mint Milk as the dot colour. Kiko is a brand I discovered in Turin, on my year abroad. Its a beauty brand that is reasonably priced from Milan, and have started opening a few shops in the UK, one I know is definately in Westfield Stratford, or can be found here Mint Milk Colour 389
Their varnishes cost between £2.00-£4.50 and this one is currently only £2.50!

To get the dots I thought screw buying a nail art pen etc, and just used the good old cotton bud tip and dipped it in the paint, of which i had created a pool of on white paper. Just tap lightly as otherwise you will remove the base paint, and make sure you've left the paint to dry first.

Love or hate the Dino nails? Any other colours you'd like to see?
I'll respond to any comments asap!

Mask of Magnaminty

After being away for a few weeks, I am back, with a whole lot of beauty blogs ready and waiting. After being shopping this week for a friends birthday I decided to treat myself to a lovely 

Mask Of Magnaminty from Lush

As you may have realised, I have quite spot prone skin, and on my trip to lush decided a nice face mask might freshen up my skin. The very helpful sales assistant suggested some of their fresh masks, however being at uni and having to keep them in the fridge is not ideal, god knows who might steal it! 

So I decided to go with this wonderful peppermint mask, that is a slightly larger pot at 125g and costs £4.95, With it's handmade fresh ingredients, lush is slightly more expensive than convential store bought masks, but this one is definately worth it. With Evening primrose, vanilla and peppermint oil, you get a rich peppermint smell once applied on the skin.: one of Lush's qualities you either love or hate. I didn't want to use too much as spending £5 I would like to get multiple uses out of it, but was really surprised at how little you actually use.

Lush's products are all natural, so they do have an expiry date, this one as I have tried to show in the picture is 20/07/13 which is plenty of time, and I am sure it will be long gone by then!

My only suggestion is do not use this if you have sensative skin, as it is quite intense, and the you do get a tingling sensation that makes it feel it is working, but would be irritating to sensitive skin types.

My top tip:
Splash your face with cold water after to close up those pores!